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Asking how much it costs to build a mobile app can be a loaded question.

If you have ever searched for the cost of creating an app, your head is likely spinning. The costs can range anywhere from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars, sometimes more. Answering the cost question is often dependent on the features of your app and the partner you choose to work with.
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Do Your Research 

Plenty of thought should go into the research phase of your new mobile application. Get super clear about your target user and make sure the app meets the needs of this group. Check out the feature sets, designs and user experience of other applications in your industry. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from other applications with functionality similar to yours. Use this research as a baseline and then customize your application to meet the specific goals of your business.

To help the planning process, download the eBook below for tips in planning the strategy of your app.

Finding the right development partner

If you are interested in exploring a mobile app to support a business, a good place to start is in searching for the ideal partner to work with. Contact multiple mobile application providers and focus on the type of partnership that best fits your company. Working with a partner to build your app will save your organization time and money, but selecting the right partner is key.

It’s critical to have a reasonable set of goals and expectations for your app. Doing so will help you and any potential developers quickly decide if the partnership makes sense for both parties.

The types of partners available to help build your app are endless. The links below will help lead you to a list of potential mobile app agencies.

Start Small and Select The Most Important Features to Emphasize

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Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t make sense to perfect every bell and whistle on your new application. The goal is to determine the highest priority features and focus your first build around these core ideas.

Remember, it is extremely important to release the first version of your app and learn from early users. There will be plenty of time to develop additional functionality and further enhance the app. First time app builders often forget the initial release is only the first step in a long journey to a successful project. Ongoing maintenance, updates and marketing are all additional efforts and costs that should be considered.


Hiring an internal team to develop the first release of your app is not usually a cost effective option for small businesses. Working with a partner gives even the smallest of organizations access to people with exceptional experience and skills at a reasonable cost.

Finally, you’ll need to decide if your project is more suited to a fixed fee contract or Time & Materials pricing (T&M). The difference between the two could be substantial when it comes to a final budget for your app.

Read more about the details of a fixed fee vs time and materials contract in our eBook below.

 Bottom Line

Regardless of cost, make sure the firm you choose is genuinely excited about the project and the chance to work together. An enthusiastic partnership with the team developing your mobile app is crucial. 

To get more detailed information regarding the costs to build a mobile app, download the attached ebook. Included are details on strategizing your app, picking the right partner, cost breakdowns per agency partner and understanding the difference between fixed fee vs time & material estimates. 

Mobile App Costs eBook - Download