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At some point in an entrepreneurs journey, we aim to create disruption with our work.

While it sounds cliche, the goal is genuinely to create change for the better. If we can make things easier, faster, more affordable and downright better, success for all parties is possible. 

At SnapMobile, our disruption comes in the form of redefining the agency experienceWe obsess over building great products with a process focused on simplicity, speed, and affordabilityWe set out to establish a movement that gives the customer a new experience when it comes to developing a mobile application.

Here's our story...

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Take a minute to think about the service providers, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, or any buying experience you truly enjoyed and would recommend. What was it that caught your attention?

For us, the common theme is always about expectations. Regardless of what a customer is buying, the key is to set and meet expectations. If you use the example of a restaurant, this comes by way of delivering great food (on time), a memorable experience and finishing with a check that meets the expectations of the customer. Sounds simple, doesnt it?

I'm the first to admit an agency environment is not set up to perfectly align with setting and meeting client expectations. Throw in the change orders, timeline updates, bug fixes, design changes, API updates, and feedback loops, the challenge of setting and meeting client expectations is very real.

To help guide our customer service model at SnapMobile, we studied a former partner who operated their business with one simple client experience goal. All of their work is designed to surprise and delightThe statement seems so simple yet is profound across their entire organization. Every interaction, purchase, support request and customer service call is measured by the customer feeling a sense of surprise and delight. It's amazing to watch.

Given what we learned, we set out to build a company focused on the customer experience goals we feel are most important...

  1. Simplicity 
  2. Speed 
  3. Affordability

To our team, these terms mean the following...

  • Simplicity - our job is to make it easy for a customer to understand the features and functionality of their app - before signing a contract.
    • Expectations are everything to us. The buying process should be simple, straightforward and establish trust for everyone involved.
    • To help set expectations with our clients, we build and present clickable prototypes of all apps before a contract is signed. This is big effort on our part. We invest the time, energy and money to make this happen. We beleive in making the partner selection process as easy as possible for our clients.
  • Speed - if you have ever talked to or worked with an agency to develop a software product, you can appreciate that most development timelines range between 3 - 8 months. We decided to establish development timelines of 1 month.
    • We work with clients to define a mobile app that can be built and released in a handful of weeks.
    • We believe in this process and love to help our clients define the feature set of their initial product release. Releasing your app quickly and learning from live user data is what we stand for.
  • Affordability - one of the more difficult aspects of software sales and development is the estimation process (how much does it cost). To solve for this challenge, we decided all projects at SnapMobile are priced at a flat fee.
    • Since nearly all of our apps are created in 1 month, all estimates are the same. I'm sure you can see a pattern forming. This all leads back to simplicity for the customer. We set out to change early client conversations from price to meetings about building the best product possible.

While we work in an environment where technology is always changing, we make a point to stick with our principles of simplicity, speed and affordability. We challenge ourselves to continually improve the experience of working with an agency to build a mobile app. Those efforts are always ongoing but we're excited about the early results.

If you're interested to learn more about our team or would like to schedule a strategy / prototype session, please feel free to reach out through the link below. 

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