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Building a mobile app is a huge step for any business. Investing in new technology is an exciting but risky endeavour for any size company. Working with a partner you trust is key. This is why at SnapMobile we go to great lengths to build prototypes of every client mobile app before any contracts are signed.

Our Vision

As consumers, we are trained to trust and buy in a very particular way. Walk into any retail environment and for the most part, you know exactly what you are buying, how much it costs and when you will receive it (right now). Think of the last time you bought clothes or food at a store. It was simple, fast and hassle free.

For someone who's been in the agency business for over 7 years, we were always bothered that there wasn't a way to sell software projects the same way

  • here's what you are buying
  • how much it costs 
  • when it will be delivered

For anyone who knows what it's like to buy or sell a software project, you know how difficult it is to create this type of buying environment.

Our Approach

At SnapMobile, we start every new partner process the same way: Meet with your team to discuss scope, strategy and expectations. While this is a great starting point, it’s not enough to help a customer feel comfortable about the project.

pexels-photo-196646.jpegWhy? Because when you describe the menu structure, ideal layout schematics or critical functionality needed for your app, the developer’s interpretation may not exactly match your own; technical or time limitations may preclude some functions.

Creating a prototype app ensures expectations are set and met for all parties. We create a low-fidelity, interactive app mockup that allows you to see how critical features are implemented, what the app “feels” like, and if it meets initial expectations.


The idea behind prototyping your app is to provide a visual representation of your ideas as quickly as possible. This offers several key benefits, including:

  • Strategy alignment: Are we right on target or way off the mark? Prototyping lets you offer constructive feedback based on design elements you can see and touch, rather than written feature outlines.
  • Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 9.34.08 AM.pngEliminate misunderstanding: Maybe we didn’t get it right. Maybe there’s something you couldn’t put your finger on during the strategy session but is clear once you have the app in hand. Instead of waiting until final products are delivered to hash out potential problems, a prototype app lets us eliminate any miscommunication and create the ideal app for your needs.
  • Share and share alike: Share our app with stakeholders, focus groups and friends. See what they say and what they think of the app’s look, performance and ease of use. This lets you make major changes before time-consuming work such as coding and QA begins.

Why offer free prototypes?

Building long-term customer relationships is a focal point for our business. If you want to build trust with a customer, we believe the process starts with setting and meeting expectations. Simply put - we do what we say we are going to do. As outlined above, this all starts with no cost prototypes of customer apps.

Why SnapMobile?

Why opt for our prototyping and mockup app services?

First and foremost — you’re not on the hook. Strategy and prototyping cost nothing; if you like what you see, sign a contract and reserve a place in our build schedule.

At SnapMobile, we take pride in offering affordable, fast and simple service — and our prototypes reflect that. We deliver mockups ASAP, complete with essential functionality, so you can make an informed choice.

Last but not least? We’re hybrid experts. Our apps run on multiple mobile platforms, meaning that what you see in prototype is what you get, regardless of the OS under the hood.

Ready to build your company’s mobile app? Maximize performance and potential with mobile app prototype services from SnapMobile. Click the link below to set up a free strategy and prototype session with our team.

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