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Rapid technological innovation in the mobile space has made smartphones more affordable and feature-rich than ever. 77 percent of Americans own a smartphone as of 2016, according to Pew Research Center. What’s more, a study from research firm IHS Markit estimates that 6 billion smartphone devices will be in circulation worldwide by 2020.

These explosive growth numbers provide brands with immense opportunity, making the mobile app industry a necessarily crowded marketplace. Each brand is vying for attention and striving to stand out from the rest.

That said, the brands that know how to stand out effectively gain a competitive edge over peers and rivals that have yet to embrace proven mobile app design and mobile app development strategies. Here are a few tips designed to help your brand gain an edge in the increasingly crowded mobile app world. 

Create a Winning Mobile App Business Plan

Without a plan that emphasizes the implementation of proven mobile design strategies, it is difficult to pave a path toward success. During the planning phase, do your due diligence and look at what has worked for competing apps in your niche.


It can be useful to see what has already worked, but understand that you are looking to set your own trends as an app to stand out from competitors. This is not to say your app needs to be wholly new however, as there is no need to entirely reinvent the wheel.

Implement what has worked in other proven apps while contemplating how your app can set the trend that will force a rival's response.

Once ideas are in place for a truly unique app that drives value for your brand, master the app creation phase.

Creating an App That Demands Attention

Good business planning ought to also prioritize mobile app design, and great mobile app design enriches the express purpose of the app. 

Namely, creating a standout app requires:

  • Knowing what your app will do
  • Focusing on app functionality that makes your app unique
  • Try to assess features competing apps lack and fill those needs for your target audience

In a world with millions of apps, it is far easier to create an app that does something unique as opposed to an app that merely looks unique.

Focusing on unique app functionality that is unmatched elsewhere is the best way to highlight that your app is unique. This, in turn, draws positive attention.

Look at competing apps and see what functions or features their apps could use, yet still lack. If you can implement these features, you are well on your way to standing out within your app niche.

Master the Details

Even if you create outstanding and unique mobile app design ideas, you still need a mastery of details to ensure smooth performance that will delight end users. No matter the niche or industry your app is targeting, you must have a clean, compelling and attractive user interface that runs smoothly.


Without a smooth user experience, the best features cannot be used efficiently by an end user, which increases the likelihood that the app will be deleted and quickly forgotten.

Proven mobile app development ensures that great ideas and unique features are paired with smooth performance — creating a mobile app experience your target audience cannot find elsewhere.

SnapMobile is a Chicago-based mobile app development team that builds standout apps in weeks with transparent, flat-fee pricing. Contact our team to discuss how we can help you create an attention-grabbing app that can grow your brand. 

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