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 App Strategy: Building A Win-Win Formula

You’ve got great ideas for a mobile app. The challenge? As noted by tech innovator Steve Jobs, “there is a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product.” While ideas are the foundation, without a solid mobile app development strategy, that’s all you’ve got: A great idea and nothing to show for it. Yet how do you build a win-win formula for your app?

Know Your Goal

The ideal mobile app is “win-win” for your company — it provides value to end users without hampering network performance or requiring undue IT attention. Achieving this aim means defining your goals upfront: What features does your app need to be successful? What metrics are you using to measure success? Are you prepared to make changes as required? Understanding what your result should look like helps you make better design decisions along the way — such as cutting extra features that don’t add real value but increase your budget and expand project deadlines.

Focus In

Ideas are everywhere. In the right corporate culture, your team is bursting with ideas for the next big mobile app. As a result, it’s easy to start developing multiple apps at once — assuming you’ll have enough resources to go around. The problem? As focus dilutes, so do outcomes.

Here’s the solution: Take the time to brainstorm. Narrow your app choices. Brainstorm some more. Narrow the list again. Then, select a single app that your entire team can get behind and focus your attention on this application. More eyes mean better oversight and reduced time to completion.

Prototypes and User Feedback

You love your app — but it’s useless if you don’t get feedback from actual users. The result? You need a prototype as soon as possible. No matter how rough or how basic, you need to share it with both staff and stakeholders. It’s not always easy; reviews of your app may be mixed (or negative), but this provides the feedback you need to adjust or scrap the idea completely. Early testing with prototypes also helps ensure that your app has a viable market, since even the best app in the world is useless if there’s no market for use.

Partner Up

Are you a mobile application design firm? If the answer is no, it’s worth finding a reputable design partner. Consider SnapMobile: Our design experts can help you define app parameters, identify key features and jumpstart your mobile app development strategy. Plus, with zero-cost prototyping, you get to see your app in action and share it with stakeholders before committing to a spot in our schedule. Simply put? Developing a solid mobile app strategy is entirely possible on your own; it’s quicker and easier with the right help.

Ready to dig in and develop your new mobile app? Know where you’re headed and focus your efforts. Test, then test again — and partner with us to make the process easier. Let’s talk.

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