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An entrepreneurial guide to building a mobile app.

Having been part of the mobile app agency world for over 7 years, we've seen our fair share of new app ideas. Regardless of the app concept, it's always fun to share in the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur ready to create the next big app idea.

Having seen and heard hundreds of new app concepts per year, we put together a list of best practices for entrepreneurs who are ready to build the next mega valuation app... 

  • Dont worry about building the next mega valuation app
    • Do not start with the goal of how much money you plan to sell your company for
    • Start with the simple goal of solving a problem for a small group of users
    • Aim for a small group of users to LOVE your app vs a larger group of users who think your app is just ok
  • Building a business, not to mention a mobile app based business, is incredibly difficult
    • There will be plenty of people who share their thoughts for how your idea WILL NOT work
    • Have the confidence to believe in yourself and your idea
    • Do not confuse confidence with arrogance
  • Get candid feedback on your idea (before you build anything) 
    • Your mom and friends do not count
    • Be open to constructive criticism 
    • Measure if you are truly solving a problem for users other than yourself
  • Test on paper before developing a product
    • Changing your ideas on paper is far easier than revising a fully coded app
  • Build a business model that focuses on revenue as early as possible 
    • Waiting on ad revenue is risky and requires more users than you think1-_EkfZmiPpqJIS7GudyI4IA.jpeg
    • You don't truly know if users LOVE your product until you ask them to pay


  • Start as small as possible with the early version of your product 
    • Don't try to boil the ocean with your first app build
    • The goal is to test and gauge your success with early users
  • Building a great piece of technology is only half the battle (maybe less)
    • Getting customers to use, like and share your app takes an incredible amount of time, energy and capital. Be ready for it
    • This is not the field of dreams. Just because you build it, does not mean users will download and use your app
    • Build a marketing plan and be ready to execute it
  • This is not a part time committment
    • Success does not come without sacrifice. Getting traction with a mobile app requires an insane amount of hustle
  • Narrow your focus and find your competitive advantage
    • There will be competitors
    • Other entrepreneurs and businesses will try to copy your idea
    • You will succeed because of execution, customer service and your competitive advantage. Find it and hammer it home

This list certainly isn't exhaustive and there will always be exceptions to the rule. While it hurts to admit it, some of your success will depend on luck and timing. The trick is to put in the hard work, hustle and grind to be in the right place at the right time.

It's an exciting time to be an entrepeneur. There are resources everywhere to help you build the company of your dreams. Put yourself out there and learn from the experiences of others. Ask questions and don't be afraid to make mistakes. Onward...

Having helped 100's of entrepreneurs strategize their mobile app concepts, we created a best practices strategy checklist for entrepreneurs who are building a mobile app. Enjoy!

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