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Mobile apps are now a must-have for enterprises to meet customer expectations, compete in a global market, and streamline day-to-day operations. However, that’s just the start: Making sure current and future applications can deliver consistent performance and the ideal user experience demands awareness of emerging mobile trends. Here are six to watch this year.

Data-Driven Delivery

First on the list of 2017 mobile trends? Data-driven apps capable of managing the sheer volume of information available across corporate networks. For users, the ubiquity of mobile adoption means it’s no longer enough for applications to simply exist without access to core company data. From CRM to ERP to marketing and sales applications, enterprise apps must be able to process and analyze data on demand.

Security: Second to None

Security remains a top priority for mobile app development this year. It makes sense — the sheer number of mobile applications now used across corporate networks makes them an ideal starting point for malicious actors. Expect development in 2017 to focus on granular control over user permissions, protection from common cyber threats, and cloud-based security that provides coverage anywhere, anytime

Progressive Web Apps

Not all companies are a good fit for a mobile app in the iOS or Android app stores. Consumer-facing apps can present a challenge for businesses who require high user acquisition and retention rates. There are new technologies emerging to help companies reduce the barrier of entry for access to their mobile content. Enter the progressive web app.

A progressive web app is an application that creates a native-like experience through the web. Unlike a native app or a hybrid app that you have to install through app stores, a progressive web app can be viewed simply by going to a URL in your browser. While progressive web apps are still a ways away from being mainstream, the technology is advancing and will likely be heard from more in the near future.

Responsive Revolution

Responsive websites are still as important as ever. While consumers and staff expect downloadable mobile apps from their favorite brands, it’s not enough to gloss over the importance of making sure your website is responsive. Expect a focus on responsive sites that feature inbuilt, native-like responsiveness and adaptability to users, platforms and environments — made more pressing by a boost given to responsive sites by Google and other search providers.

Worthy Consideration: Hybrid

As noted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, apps have only been a driving force for a decade — but in that time, they’ve generated more than $16 billion worldwide for developers. Now, Cook argues that nearly every company “likely needs a mobile app” to compete or even run its business. The result? Businesses need to find a timely and affordable way to invest in mobile.
While building pure native apps still has its place, hybrid apps are a growing trend for companies who want to offer a mobile app experience and still be conscious of cost, timelines and continued maintenance. Hybrid applications are capable of running across all major mobile ecosystems, allowing a business to increase the reach and efficacy of their application.

The IoT Imperative

Last but not least for 2017 mobile trends? The rise of IoT-enabled apps. Some of these will be designed specifically for wearables such as watches or health monitors, while others will be leveraged to provide biometric-based security. Most importantly for the average enterprise, however? The rise of apps designed to collect, analyze and strategize about the wealth of wearable data to deliver effective corporate strategy.

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