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AskSnapMobile is a short 2 minute video about building mobile apps.

We see 100's of contacts come through our door each month asking great questions about the details of building their app. From Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses, we're committed to creating short 2 minute videos to help answer your most pressing mobile app questions.

Our video today is about what to expect when thinking about the timeline to develop your mobile app.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody. It's Andy Mack from Snap mobile. Thanks for taking a minute to join what we call AskSnapMobile, where we present questions that we see from customers, clients, prospects on what goes into building a mobile app.

So one thing we see as questions that come through our door multiple times is timelines. How do we think about timelines? How long does it take to build a mobile app? There's a lot that's involved. A lot of variables. Historically most app agencies are looking at timelines anywhere between two to three months on the low end, maybe six months on the high end. The way we think about timelines here, we want to be able to build in in one month. There's a couple reasons why we think about that and I'll get into that in a minute.

- Timelines

Timelines for us are posted all over our website - we build in 4 weeks for flat fee. Now, those four weeks there's a lot that goes into that so when we meet a new customer there's always this prototype phase that we go into. We're very big on expectations. We want a customer to understand what it is that they're
building and buying from us before there's any contract signed or money
exchanged. That generally takes a couple weeks which is not included in the four weeks. It's very much business development get to know each other type phase.
Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 10.58.42 AM.png
Once we get ready to build, contracts are signed, our goal is to build in one month. That's not a blanket statement, right. Not all client projects are ready in one month, so I want to throw that caveat out there. But our strategy team will work with you to figure out what can be built in one month. It's a very important metric for us. We think that business moves so fast, we don't want people to overthink their initial build. You want to start with something small, real critical features that we can get out to the market that we can learn from and then make changes on later.

- Testing

So what happens after that one month build is complete, we do go into a testing phase all clients are different. Some take a few days to test. Some take weeks. Some take more. It's completely dependent upon what the client thinks is important.
So for us, the business development phase might take a few weeks dependent upon how fast the client wants to move. The build should take a month. There's a little bit of testing afterwards and then we're ready for an app store release, and hopefully here is a long-term partner to continue to work together and work together.

- Conclusion

So that's a little bit how about how we think of timelines. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to post in
the comments. I'll make sure to pay attention and answer. Thanks so much for
your time look forward to talking again soon