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AskSnapMobile is a short 2 minute video about building mobile apps.

We see 100's of contacts come through our door each month asking great questions about the details of building their app. From Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses, we're committed to creating short 2 minute videos to help answer your most pressing mobile app questions.

Our video today is about what to expect when deciding on the strategy of your mobile app.


Morning everyone. It's Andy from Snap mobile, back with our 2 minute daily video about building a mobile app . So, today I want to talk to you about mobile app strategy. We see lots of customers that come through the door our first question is is there a strategy in place for what it is you're building. Four components to that, right. It's a much deeper, much longer conversation, but for the sake of this 2-minute video, I want to make sure I move fast and get through the high-level points.

Four Key Points

First and foremost, what are the goals of the application. Why ultimately are we building it. Secondarily, who are the users that we're building it for. I'll go into detail on these on a minute. What are the features that we're building, and ultimately the last one being how do we measure success.

Goals -

So, first and foremost what are the goals. We covered this in a separate
video, but I want to make sure that anytime you're building a piece of
technology, the investment makes sense. That comes with goals, right. We either need to be making money, or it's possible to build brand awareness, very hard to measure, but it is possible. We want to be making ourselves more productive or finding efficiencies in time and work. So, those are the general goals that we look at that are really really important.

Users -

Secondarily, who are the users that we're targeting. Is this a consumer facing application. Is it something that's targeted at businesses. Is it an eternal type tool. It's really important that we understand who's going to be using the application. That goes very much into the design and the user experience of the app.

Features -

Third, what is it that we're building, and, this goes back to the first point which is what are the goals. We don't want to build too many features, and a big saying that I use here is always we don't want to boil the ocean. What are the three or four features that help us to really meet our goals. Let's start with that. Let's release our app out in the marketplace. Let's get feedback from our actual customers and users, and then go from there and make make changes and iterations.

Measurement -

And then, finally, measurement. The goals that we set do us no good if we're not measuring as to whether or not those are working. So, for us, that's very important part.

Conclusion -

So, holistically speaking, much bigger conversation, much longer than two minutes, but for the sake of today in this video, those are the four points that are really important when you're thinking about building a mobile app. What are your goals. Who are you building for. What features are included and then how are we measuring success.
Hope that helps. If you have any questions, please put some comments below. I'm happy to dig in and answer those with you. If not, with some more video content soon. Take care