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AskSnapMobile is a short 2 minute video about building mobile apps.

We see 100's of contacts come through our door each month asking great questions about the details of building their app. From Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses, we're committed to creating short 2 minute videos to help answer your most pressing mobile app questions.

Our video today is about what to expect when thinking about building a prototype of your mobile app.

Video Transcription

Hey everybody, it's Andy Mack from snap Mobile. Day 3 of AskSnapMobile, where we share answers to common questions that we get in our office from new prospects, new customers, who want to talk about what goes into building a mobile app.

So I wanted to share today a little bit about building a prototype before somebody goes into full development. We're real big here at Snap Mobile about expectation, that comes in a couple different forms.

Setting Expectations -  

First and foremost, it's about helping clients understand what it is we're building before any contracts are signed and money are exchanged. Visuals seem, it helps me right, understand and that's the way that I've always learned so that's something that we wanted to instill in a company.
It's very easy to write features and functionality out on a list but for us we wanted to be able to put those in a visual representation of what it is that we're building to really and truly help people understand - here's the app. Here's the screen, here's the feature and functionality and how does that move into the next screen. You might get 20, 30, 40, screens in a prototyping and that's okay for us. It's something that really gets us excited and instills trust with a customer. And, again I can't overstate this, it's all about expectation. We want everybody in the room including our team to truly understand what is being built.

Measure Twice, Cut Once - 

Now, more importantly, that gives potential customers of ours a chance to go back to a stakeholder, to an investor, to a customer, to check, is what we're building actually worth while. The honest answer is, we think, but we don't actually know until we get some feedback and some testing. So the other option is hey let's build it get it out there and then we get feedback, but I think we want to take that one step further before we invest in this application. Let's put that full prototype together let's put it out in front of people, let's get their feedback because there may be mistakes that are in that initial prototype that we want to change. Let's get to those answers before we ever start building or investing any money.

Conclusion - 

 So again, something that's really important to us, it's something that we instill in our business development process.. Full prototypes, no charge, that's the way we like to do business and something that gets us really excited.
If you have any questions, as always please feel free to put them in the comments. I'll take a look and make sure any down there our answered. Thanks so much for your time we'll talk to you again soon.