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AskSnapMobile is a short 2 minute video about building mobile apps.

We see 100's of contacts come through our door each month asking great questions about the details of building their app. From Entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 businesses, we're committed to creating short 2 minute videos to help answer your most pressing mobile app questions.

Our video today is about what to expect when discussing the ROI of your mobile app.


Hey everybody, it's Andy again from SnapMobile, back with our two-minute videos to share some insights that we see happening in mobile. These videos are more or less questions that we get from prospects and customers. We want to show these quick 2 minute videos to give you some answers to hopefully help if you're thinking about building a mobile app.
One of the questions that we get from a lot of folks is how do we measure the success of an app or why would we invest in it. One of the things I hate, hate, hate hearing, whether it's an entrepreneur or a business customer, is that they're building a mobile app simply to check a box.

Apps should deliver measurable value -  

It happens less with the entrepreneurs but more from the business side of things. We think we need to get into mobile but we're not sure why - we just need to build one. Worst excuse or reason ever to build. It's one of the reasons why we've instilled a new process in our business development strategy.
We help customers truly understand, not only what can be built, but the value that it will bring to their business that comes with measurable results. And, if we cannot achieve those, if we cannot sit in a room and talk about what it is we're building, what the invest is, and ultimately what the return to the business would be, ultimately, we're not the right partner and maybe that business should be thinking about why they're building an
app in the first place.
The way that that conversation happens, the end result generally leads to, are we able to generate more revenue, right. That always helps. Are we able to save time. Are we able to increase productivity. Any one of those things a dollar amount can be attached to that, which ultimately helps make sense.

Investment vs Return - 

So, when you receive a proposal from our team, it's very important that we're able to say, here's the investment that we will make to build said mobile app, and then on the other side of the pitch, very simply, here's the return on investment that we will be measuring on a monthly basis. What kind of revenue regenerating, time-saving, productivity increase are we achieving. Those things are really really important to us.
So, please please stay away from we're trying to check a box and that's the only reason why we want a mobile app. That's fine, but we would not be the right partner and that's okay, right. Different strokes for different folks. But, for us we're very much focused on whatever it is we build has to return some type of business value. Something that we can measure over time. It's become very important to us and to our customers as well.


So hopefully that helps. If you have any questions, as always please leave comments in the box below. I'm happy to take a look and continue
to answer. Thanks so much for your time we'll talk to you again soon.