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Mobile applications are quickly becoming the way growing companies promote internal organization, optimize sales, and improve processes. While many stakeholders welcome the new tech capabilities with open-arms, some C-suite executives are a little slower to see the benefits, and therefore reluctant to buy in.


If you know that a mobile application is the best way to align communication between your sales and marketing team, improve your productivity, and close more deals, but don’t have the decision-making power, it’s important to strategically pitch the idea to your C-suite.


What key points should you cover when getting new tech buy-in from the decision-makers?


Discuss Employee Engagement as a Value Proposition

Consider this: Unemployment is low, competition is high, and turnover is expensive.


No business wants to be stuck in the hiring pattern: a productivity and bottom-line buster. Tell your executive team how a cross-platform app that engages your workforce decreases turnover.


Show them that they can avoid expenses associated with turnover by focusing on employee engagement ideas. Disengaged employees are more likely to leave their current position.


According to Gallup Polls’ research on employee engagement:

  • Only 30% of our current workforce claims to be engaged in their work
  • More than 50% of employees say they are actively looking for a new job or watching for openings
  • 35% of workers report changing positions within the past three years


New technology that improves your team’s internal productivity and communication can also improve engagement. C-level execs are often motivated by numbers. It costs over $4,000 to recruit and train a new hire, so pitching an app that will decrease turnover and increase engagement makes financial sense.


New technology boosts engagement and limits attrition, which is a huge win for your budget-conscious C-suite.


Sell Innovation as a Competitive Edge

Innovation is not a luxury - it’s a necessity to stay competitive in today’s fast-paced, hyper-connected business world. Innovation is largely driven by technology.


How full is your company’s tech arsenal? What tools can your C-suite executives provide to ensure your company continues to grow? If you’ve found new technology that you think could bring your sales, marketing, and HR to the next level, remind your C-suite of the necessity of innovation.


It’s about addressing ways in which you can solve problems within the business. With innovation comes better positioning in the market, which every C-suite executive is after. When you position your cross-platform mobile application as a differentiator which guarantees a competitive edge, it will be music to your c-Suite’s collective ears.


Show Productivity Increases with Data

Mobile applications can streamline and improve processes which increases productivity. For example, the company FC Valet decided to leverage a mobile application to automate and improve their valet services. Rather than dispensing and accepting paper receipts for their valet workflow, they created a custom mobile-app which:

  • Provides enhanced customer experiencesCar owners can send and receive text messages about the status of their car or request their vehicle at a designated valet station. After the service has ended, car owners have a chance to fill out a service survey. Improves internal metricsThe FC Valet leadership team can analyze metrics to strengthen internal processes:
  • Number of cars parked
  • Time to retrieve car after a request
  • Individual employee performance

By showing the meaningful impact a mobile app can have on productivity, backed by results and strategy, C-suite buy-in will be easier to gain.


Present a Prototype

Prototyping is a great way to assess the type of mobile app that is best for your organization and gets the decision-makers invested in the project from the early stages. Through prototyping, companies can see how critical components of their app come together before spending a dime on development, implementation, and support.


The lower the risk your C-suite assumes, the more inclined they will be to move forward with new technology.


Pitching a new idea to your bosses doesn’t have to be difficult. Come armed with the selling points that will pique their interest. Proving how an innovative mobile application can improve business functions and output is the key to your success.


Let us help. SnapMobile can work with your team to create a custom mobile application that will blow your C-suite executives away. Schedule a time to chat with us today.