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When you set out to take your company to the next level with unprecedented QoQ growth, you knew it would mean investing in tools and strategic data-based decisions that impact your sales team. Supporting a team as they grow by creating a sales enablement app with high-adoption rates has some major benefits for your growth.


Understand the factors that support your growth trajectory and how to use sales enablement tools to implement lucrative process improvements. Here are a few of the major benefits of using a custom sales enablement tool:


Cut Recruiting Costs

The average cost-per-hire, according to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) 2016 report, is $4,129. It also takes an average of 42 days to replace your best performing salesperson.


Finding and training sales team members is a comprehensive process that includes assessing:

  • Culture fit
  • Sales experience
  • Industry knowledge
  • Career trajectory


To consider each element of hiring the right person, you need to invest extra time to manually sift through piles of pre-qualified CVs and see which one is the most qualified. Many CEOs and sales managers are challenged to assess if a person is going to be the right fit for the role.


What if you could delineate and prioritize the aspects of personality, work history, culture fit, and career trajectory most important to a successful post in your sales team? You could save recruiting costs, your management team and HR’s time, and decrease the odds of a quick turnover.


You can create a sales enablement app to take care of your data-sorting busywork for you. When you reduce recruiting costs with smart apps, your bottom-line earning potential soars.


Deliver Effective Onboarding and Training to New Hires

The next step in the process of developing your hunters is a comprehensive and efficient onboarding process.


A sales enablement app allows sales leaders to improve onboarding by:

  • Providing agile on-the-job training that integrates experience and process to facilitate learning
  • Boosting new hire confidence with current and critical product information available on a single screen
  • Making a connection with sales team members and the product marketing team easier and more transparent with a sales enablement app communication interface


Give new hires the tools to be successful in their role and watch your top-line growth skyrocket.


Empower Your Salespeople

New hires aren’t the only people who need support and sales enablement tools. Your best-performing salespeople are your greatest flight risk. A recent LinkedIn State of Sales report found that top performers attribute sales success to having technology that supports the sales process.


This makes your sales management job critically important: to keep all of your team members engaged and updated on products, connected through a single internal communication tool, and empowered with sales tactics that are data-driven.


You can foster an environment focused on growth and sales empowerment with a sales enablement app that fits your company’s goals and culture.

  • Defuse tension between product marketing and sales by giving each of them the tools to communicate important data through the sales enablement app
  • Create a climate of growth by empowering team members to look at the data of their performance and the team’s MoM and QoQ productivity
  • Align sales players with strategic goals by exposure to goals, metrics, and even availability of other team members


Transparency increases productivity and sales enablement apps that improve internal communication align sales and marketing messaging and create better customer interactions for higher revenue.


Evaluate Your Quarterly Growth Metrics

Your teams can check in on their stats to improve their performance and you will be able to evaluate MoM and QoQ growth metrics with more granular data. While more data is not always better, daily insight into progress on your strategic goals is priceless.


When you start iOS and Android app development for your sales tools, you need a development team that works with your goals and gives you exactly what you’re looking for. Here are some of the data points your sales enablement app can deliver:

  • Individual salesperson performance
  • Aggregate data on team contributions to sales growth
  • Communication stats to pinpoint product marketing and sales alignment
  • Correlative properties of customer feedback
  • Trends in product popularity
  • Training and learning tools accessed and used by the sales team


Immediate insight into the specifics of your growth strategy alongside trends empowers you to make better business decisions that increase your revenue.


Make Sales Cycle Process Improvements

Sales teams want to perform well. Most of them are looking to sales managers and CEOs for their marching orders. Different personalities respond to various motivations. A sales management tool can deliver personalized training and support that a single manager or CEO cannot be expected to give.


One of the biggest sales cycle improvements is motivating employees where it matters most to them:


  • Some salespeople rally around purpose or goals
  • Other sales team members will jump at the chance to outperform their colleagues
  • Often salespeople get pumped around recognition or advancement opportunities
  • And… every salesperson is motivated by commissions and bonuses!


What sales cycle process improvements you need to make will depend on your company’s culture and current bottlenecks. Working with a development team that is responsive to your organization’s goals and culture makes the sales enablement app creation process simple, collaborative, and fun.


Teams that understand realistic growth goals and expectations are more likely to meet and exceed sales goals. Salespeople who are supported with technology and availability from the leadership are ready to perform at higher levels.


Give your team the tools they need to boost top-line growth now. Learn how SnapMobile works with your team to create a custom sales enablement app.