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Digital is the new expectation. Users want to bring their own devices to work, access corporate networks anywhere, anytime, and leverage applications that let them complete tasks on demand. The result? Companies need digital workplace tools that help them manage employee expectations without compromising network or data security.

Getting a handle on emerging workforce trends means speaking the same language. The easiest way to jump-start this process? Opt for mobile apps.

Go Mobile

Not sure mobile is the best fit? Here are four ways to manage digital workplace technologies with a mobile app.

  1. Empower Remote Employees — Staying competitive means letting employees work wherever, whenever. Custom-designed mobile applications help remote workers stay connected to in-office colleagues and let managers check in on day-to-day operations.
  2. Sales Support - Digitally empowered sales teams are better equipped to drive revenue for your business. The right mobile application lets them easily access marketing material, capture customer information and generate proposals while out of the office and away from a computer.
  3. HR and Team Building - Employees are always looking for new ways to complete tasks, collaborate with colleagues and streamline their digital lives. Managed mobile apps ensure that staff has room to experiment with new digital workplace technologies without risking network security.
  4. Onboarding, Learning and Education - Departmental silos inhibit innovation and growth. Mobile applications that provide continued employee education and learning are critical to keep team members engaged and excited about their work.


Breaking Down the Benefits

Beyond basic use cases, what makes mobile apps effective tools for managing the digital workforce? Simply put, it all depends on your application.

Start with app design: You need an application that meets both current needs and can scale up as user expectations change. This means leveraging an app development partner that offers in-depth strategy and design consultation along with free app prototyping to ensure you’re getting exactly what you need, when you need it.

You also need flexibility. Consider the wide variety of mobile devices used by employees — hybrid applications that work across multiple operating systems and devices give you a single point of contact for all digital management. Combined with app-based analytics and reports, you can easily see how employees are using your application and discover specific ways to enhance the user experience.

Digital workplace trends aren’t difficult to quantify — users want simplicity, usability and ease of access. Managing these expectations is made easier with custom-designed hybrid apps that let you meet user needs while protecting critical assets.

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